[Podcast] Meet Kathlyn Hossack

Meet Kathlyn Hossack, a recent graduate from the AT program at the University of Winnipeg. She is a blogger and regular writer for an international online magazine called “Heels Down” and has been featured on the CATA news letter several times. The reason I asked Kathlyn Hossack to sit down with me (at least virtually) is because I am blown away by her ability to combine her passion of equestrianism and Athletic Therapy. In terms of “finding a niche”, a topic that I talk about frequently, Kathlyn has been able to focus most (if not all) of her energy into the equestrian target market: biomechanics, injury prevention and tackling chronic back pain that is prevalent in riders. A great inspiration for students who are unsure about their direction or to any AT who is struggling to discover their place in the industry.

Check out Kathlyn’s:

blog: https://katmahtraining.wordpress.com/
twitter: https://twitter.com/katbee13
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I apologize about the poor quality of audio — there is some glitching from my poor internet connection.

[Podcast] Kendra’s Clinic: Systems and Tools

In this episode we sit down with Kendra Toothill from ToothillPerformance.com, based in Edmonton, Alberta. We discuss the strategies, tactics and systems she uses to run her business. If you are interested in running your own buisness you should definitely check this podcast out. The episode is approximately 30 minutes long.