[Video] Quick Chat with Tyler Paturel

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I’m super excited to introduce my new on-going video series: Quick Chat. They are meant to be short and fun videos that provide food for thought, industry specific insight and guidance.

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Price Anxiety

What is Price Anxiety?

Price anxiety is a term that I use to describe feelings of uncertainty and insecurity that Athletic Therapists (or anyone selling themselves, for that matter) can experience while discussing or deciding how they would like to price themselves.

Here are a few reason why some ATs suffer from price anxiety:

  • Insecurity or doubt about your skills or abilities
  • Unaware of the true value of the service you provide
  • Developed to please everyone… but yourself

If you are an AT who experiences anxiety due to pricing, you can probably identify with at least one of the points above. Don’t fret, you are not alone. [Read more…]

Pricing Strategies for Athletic Therapists

“How much do you charge for your services?”

If you still cringe (at least internally) when you hear those words, then you are not alone. It doesn’t matter if you are newly certified or a 5 year veteran, the topic of price always seems to come up in discussions between all Athletic Therapists — especially those running their own businesses.

But who can blame us? Pricing is arguably the most important component of your business.
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Is Athletic Therapy Awkward?

A friend of mine recently referred to Athletic Therapy as “awkward”.  Now, before you get your fanny pack in a bunch, he didn’t mean it in a negative way. The conversation came up during his chiropractic visit. The chiropractor explained that until we get recognition we will always be struggling and never have a solid position within the healthcare industry. Now, I don’t know what else was said, but my friend did mention that he spoke highly of our skills. I’ll leave the discussion of government regulation for another post, but lets try and understand why anyone would think that the AT profession is awkward.

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