[Podcast] Meet Kathlyn Hossack

Meet Kathlyn Hossack, a recent graduate from the AT program at the University of Winnipeg. She is a blogger and regular writer for an international online magazine called “Heels Down” and has been featured on the CATA news letter several times. The reason I asked Kathlyn Hossack to sit down with me (at least virtually) is because I am blown away by her ability to combine her passion of equestrianism and Athletic Therapy. In terms of “finding a niche”, a topic that I talk about frequently, Kathlyn has been able to focus most (if not all) of her energy into the equestrian target market: biomechanics, injury prevention and tackling chronic back pain that is prevalent in riders. A great inspiration for students who are unsure about their direction or to any AT who is struggling to discover their place in the industry.

Check out Kathlyn’s:

blog: https://katmahtraining.wordpress.com/
twitter: https://twitter.com/katbee13
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I apologize about the poor quality of audio — there is some glitching from my poor internet connection.

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